Case study


To create a platform which showcases the professionals who specialized in Cycling and Running, Enabling the users find them and make practical training sessions to improve their health, fitness, and professional ability of sport.

Design Strategy

User Personas

There are two types of personas, Athlete and Trainer. Athletes are the ones who searching for a trainer to get trainig or coaching. Trainers are the ones who professionaly qualified in Cycling and Running.

Competitive Athlete

Elite Athlete

Target Customers

  • Competitive runners and cyclists
  • Cash rich but time poor
  • Serious athletes not hobbyists
  • Those seeking a flexible engagement model with elite athletes
  • Elite athletes looking to monetise their spare time doing ad-hoc sessions

Use Cases

  • Tom is a competitive athlete and would love to train with elite athletes in his region from time to time
  • Susan is a competitive athlete but cannot commit for a structured training program with a coach. She would like to get advice from top coaches from time to time
  • Both Tom and Susan do not want to commit to a SINGLE coach or trainer and would like to experiment and get advice from multiple people all specialised on different areas without any commitment, but only pay for the ad-hoc session of training or coaching

User Needs

Competitive Athlete

  • Access to coaches on demand without having to sign up for long term coaching plans
  • Discover and train with faster athletes on demand
  • Discover other athletes matched to their ability in their area to train regularly with
  • Access to matched athletes and faster athletes on demand everywhere even when they are traveling
  • Race frequently
  • Online forum to get their queries answered
  • Frequent shots of Dopamine

Elite Athlete

  • Reach a wider group of athletes globally who do not want to sign up for coaching plans but are looking for ad-hoc sessions
  • A wider funnel and inbound channel for their full time coaching plans
  • Easy interface to host AMA sessions and local events to market themselves via the platform to competitive athletes
  • Build a follower base on our platform and showcase it in order to get sponsorships
  • Easy to use calendar management and scheduling services
  • Smooth payments and invoicing


  • Leakage - Elite athletes doing offline engagements after first contact via the platform
  • Incentivise them for each session they provide within the platform enough so they insist on working through the platform
  • Liability waiver is a big thing specially when it comes to cycling training sessions, so if the athlete hooks up with a trainer offline he doesn’t have access to that
  • Automated payments and invoicing, no awkwardness of asking for money from the client
  • Quality curation to prevent negative network effects (Outcome driven business versus consumption driven)
  • Matching algorithm so that users are shown relevant services, rather than a lot of options that don’t make sense
  • Getting sufficient density upon launch
  • Launch in just a couple of cities initially where we are confident of getting enough density via our network to start with

Product Features


feature iconMessaging

Users can chat with each other to discuss and plan training sessions

feature iconProfile creation

Each user will be able to host their profile with a picture as well as their bio, current competency level in their chosen sport and their goals

feature iconFeedback/Rating

Athletes will be able to rate their trainers after a session has ended and also post review comments

Athlete Side

feature iconFind Trainers/Athletes

An athlete will be able to search trainers and athletes based on location as well as based on keywords such as “full marathon runner” etc

feature iconSchedule session

Athlete can Request session with a matched athletes (No payment of fee - just training with peers who are at the same level)

feature iconJoin events

Athletes will be able to browse upcoming public events near their location and based on their interests and join events which they are interested in

feature iconRequest for training

An athlete can select a trainer and request a training session

Trainer Side

feature iconCreate slots

Trainers will be able to host events on the platform and fix a participation fee for the event

feature iconHost events

Trainers will be able to publish their free slots on their calendar so that athletes can book those slots. Athletes have a better chance of their requests being accepted by the trainers when the slots have been created by the trainer

feature iconFind Trainers

A trainer will also be allowed to search other trainers of higher capability and request for training from them

Information Architecture

Constructed the user experience flow with three major parts.

  1. Entry and onboarding flow
  2. Athlete side flow
  3. Trainer side flow

Regular activities (Trainer side)

Low fidelity prototype

Created the overall structre of the product using low fidelity prototype with few main screens

Design Prototype

Entry and Onboarding

Regular activities athlete flow

Regular activities Trainer flow

Authentication Flow


Brand Story

Logo Concept

Chose the combination of letter F and Shoe for the identity. It narrates Begin, Fast, Professionalism, Run and Essentials.



Final Logo

Final logo


Logo variations

Logo Usage


App icon

Mobile App Splashscreen

Design Style Guide

Typography designed with SF Pro Text. This font gives maximum control and legibility along with a variety of size ranges.

Text Fields


Error State and Loading Screens

Layout Style and Grid Spacing