From outline to finish line

For the faster and fastest people

To create a platform which showcases the professionals who specialized in Cycling and Running, Enabling the users find them and make practical training sessions to improve their health, fitness, and professional ability of sport.

Elite Athlete

Competitive Athlete

It's not just
another fitness app


Our trail of thoughts

Shoes are one of the first and most important fitness accessories and the alphabet represents fast, fitness and fresh.


Letter "F"

Sports, Essentials, Professionalism

In black & white

The lifestyle images used in for this platform give us a fresh feel. These daily regime images motivate us to gear up for a new beginning and take on the day.


Green        Nature, Growth, Energy

Greenish Grey        Road, Track, Speed

Blue        Professionalism, Social, Share

The way concept, colour, codes, shapes amalgamated

What we do not see

The app was designed using Flutter which helped implement platform-specific designs while keeping pace with deadlines and doing justice to the amazing design created by the UX team.

Firebase had it all; given the dynamic nature of the app, implementing features like CRUD operations, Push notifications, Authentication, App Sharing etc. without compromising on scalability was made possible because of this platform.

Always New

Every feedback we get is taken into consideration to make the app better. Updating old features and implementation of new ones keep the platform user-friendly.

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