Careers at Mobiux

We hire through AngelList. Visit our jobs page on AngelList to check for open positions.

Here are the screening tests for software development and test engineer roles:

Please apply through AngelList or check with us about openings and suitability before attempting the assignments.

We are a services company that works like a startup. Teams are small and we look for candidates who can take responsibility in all aspects of delivering a project – from communicating with clients, analyzing requirements, designing, developing, testing and deploying solutions.

We believe in doing things the right way to deliver maintainable code to our customers. There are no shortcuts when it comes to following development processes. All code is in version control. We check for code smells with code analysis tools. We automate our tests and believe in automated continuous integration and deployment.

We don't hire for skills in specific technologies. Technologies come and go but the fundamentals of programming stay the same. If you are a generalist who is good at algorithms and you care about writing code that is performant and maintainable, get in touch.