Assignment for Test Automation Engineers

Please pick any one of the following assignments and submit the solution before we schedule an interview with you. Assignment 1 is the more complex one of the two. You may submit Assignment 2 if you have time constraints or if you run into difficulties with Assignment 1. You may use any automation framework that you are comfortable with.

Send a recording and the scripts (with passwords masked out) to

Assignment 1

Use Selenium (or similar frameworks like Nightwatch) and Chrome to Automate the following:

  • Login to Gmail
  • Compose an email Subject - "Test Mail" and Body "Test Email Body"
  • Label email as "Social"
  • Send the email to the same account which was used to login (from and to addresses would be the same)
  • Wait for the email to arrive in the Inbox
  • Mark email as starred
  • Open the received email
  • Verify email came under proper Label i.e. "Social"
  • Verify the subject and body of the received email

Assignment 2

Use Selenium and Chrome to do the following

  • Go to ""
  • Search for:
    • Search: "Wrist Watches"
    • Display: "Analogue"
    • Brands Material: "Leather"
    • Brand: "Titan"
    • Discount: "25% Off or more"
  • Get the Fifth Element from the search


What happens after the code is submitted?

If we like your submission, you will undergo a technical interview where you will have to make a few modifications to your submission. We may take 5 to 10 working days to get back to you after the solution is submitted.

Can I submit the solution in any language?

Yes, solutions may be submitted in any language of your choice. We assess your knowledge of CSS/XPath selectors, ability to write test cases and basic programming knowledge.

How much time do I have to complete the assignment?

Ideally within 5 days. We understand that you may be busy with work or course commitments, so you may take longer. Do keep in mind that we may close the hiring round if you delay submissions.

How do you check the source code for originality?

We can figure out non original submissions during the interview stage. If the code is not yours, you will not be able to make the kind of enhancements you will be asked to make to the code in the interview.